Burn the Salt Wick
Artist Book - [Book Design & Concept]

A journey of reflection through layers of a daily descent and ascent of my favourite place in the world Saltwick Bay, North Yorkshire.

Burn the Salt Wick born from a poem is a book exploring one piticular day at Saltwick Bay. Each photo explores and documents different levels of the days journey onto the coastline focusing on the meditative quality the surrounding has upon me. What happen when your are engulfed by your setting, you become one within the landscape.

As well as photography included throughout are detailed illustrations showing the geology of the coast underfoot. 

Made from Colorplan Slate 500gsm & Gmund Bier Weizen 250gsm 
Hand stitched coptic bind including a flat wick acting as the book mark. 

- 8" x 9"
- 48 pages 

In collaboration with Becky Pearey

This is a lovingly crafted object connotes the tactile feeling 
of a family scrapbook encapsulation the aura
 this location has upon the artist