Go Fourth and Come Fifth
Artist Book - [Design & Concept]

This two part piece, Go Fourth and Come Fifth, a conceptual Leather bound book representing me, my head, my thoughts on life and the 21 years I've had. 45-3, a 'instruction like manual' explaining it all. (Kind of)

"Go Fourth and Come Fifth’ + '45-3': A conceptual leather-bound book and guide

This is a wonderfully authentic document that was a genuine pleasure to read. The combination of two books, so opposed in volume and style, create a harmony and also highlights the conflict of outer world and inner voice.

The white book when not read in conjunction with the second allows a broken stream of consciousness and does act like a machine manual with no machine to refer to. This Ikea-like guide is bland and bare celebrates the raw inner voice.
The Bible that is cut out to reveal a hidden text and a pastiche of complimentary images that work with the first book, or not quite. Again, this book can be independent of the first and operates again as a stream of consciousness in colour with media, film, photo-shoot and documentary elements to illustrate your thoughts. Your exploration of words in such a casual, yet ranting manner, strips them of their power and delivers the ironic and farcical response that you wanted. The pointless layout, words, dialogue.. also pointless aspiration and stylistic pretention, all come across to us, the viewer.

In total, this is an artists’ book but one that speaks through a graphic medium, dipping in and out of conventions in a pleasing and mostly melancholic way. 

It is refreshing, funny, confident and mature. This has made us reflect on what is it, to be a 
‘young, white, average man’."

 - Stuart Poynton, Gemma Ince, Leo Broadley