Safety Maps of the Yorkshire Coast 
Maps - [Overall design & Concept] (CURRENT PROJECT)

A range of OS style maps focusing on encouraging the general public to explore the Yorkshire coast but importantly bring awareness of how to access these famous seaside towns and villages safely accessing what dangers could arise while exploring the coastline. 

As a keen fossil hunter I know personally the dangers of our seemingly harmless coastline but as holidaying in England rises year after year new visitors to the coast have little knowledge of possible dangers from, unstable cliffs to cut off points and tide times. 

This project will be a series of maps outlining the different access points to safely navigate each location, highlighting safe paths and possible hazards. 

The reason for this projects creation is from a family accident while on a regular day walking on the coast. My family are keen fossil hunters and have been visiting the coast for as long as I can remember. On this piticualr day on a streach of coast we had walked 1000 times my farther slipped and fell badly walking on the shale batts at Saltwick Bay. He couldn't walk and we could see he was in a lot of pain. From my understanding of the coast over many years I knew exactly what to do where we were and who to call. After the coast gaud arrived and helped my dad back up the cliff and onto hospital I reflected on the days events thinking if this was my first time at Saltwick the days events might haven't of gone so smoothly. 

My aim is not to scare visitors away but to educate them and make the coast a safe and amazing holiday destination.

1st Map Draft (Saltwick Bay) : 
For my first draft I have mapped out Saltwick Bay, a beautiful Bay 1 mile from the East of Whitby. I know this bay like the back of my hand after visiting it for many years, knowing all the possible difficulties newcomers might face with the incoming tide and being aware of the unstable cliffs above. 

To ease the users interaction with the map I have used the Miura fold. There has always been a stigma around folding back up large OS style maps, this type of fold when held in 2 specific positions opens up automatically with the user not needing to remember which way it was originally folded.
First Draft of the Saltwick Bay Map