L'ultima Estate 
The Last Summer By Attilio Solzi
Salt n Pepper Press - [Book Design]

Cover design and typesetting for photographer Attilio Solzi, 
published by Salt n Pepper Press

Summer 1999 - There was this pencil writing on the old negative envelope found at the bottom of the archive chest of drawers during our last move.
Summer 1999, the last summer of the last century. It was a summer with little money, no trips abroad, only in Italy and only on weekends. Travel by car sleeping at local landlords.

Attilio kept a small camera in the dashboard of the car and shot with it all summer. 
Images of our rooms and of me or rather parts of me. Bad quality photos, grainy, some streaked, damaged. Other images are missing, some negatives have been lost forever or maybe one day we will find them again… but for now these are enough to evoke the memories, emotions and nostalgia of what our long summer was like.


Publisher - Salt N Pepper Press
Photographer - Attilio Solzi