The Everyday Series 
MA Research Project - [Book Design & Concept]

The everyday series was created during lockdown. This project focused of different aspects of the Everyday while being isolated and observing my everyday environment. 

Patchwork Paradice : An exploration of the visual language of our streets, what can you see through the crowd. 

Munday Morning : A diary of my office environment I inhabited through the lockdown period. Photos either of the world from my office window or of my office environment.

Isolation Artefacts : An archive of artefacts gathered through the lockdown period. Exploring the uncanny and normally discarded design/beauty of these everyday objects.

Sedimentary : An exploration into the combination of two types of artefacts and their relationship with time. I combined Fossils from my own collection, which are not your stereotypical 'perfect specimens' together with everyday packaging as their setting. looking at these artefacts as more sculptural objects and how their relationship of the fossils age compares with decomposition time of the packaging material. Manmade-Natural, which object will last longer. 


'Explorations of the ordinary,
Encounters with the everyday,
Embracing the mundane.'

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