Think Inside
A RSA Brief - ‘The Good Life 2.0’ - [Branding] 

Brief :
“Use design to empower people to actively engage in responsible living so as to prevent lifestyle-related health conditions, detect them early, treat and possibly reverse such conditions”

Concept :
 A simple but effective brand, focusing on everyday food which can benefit your heart. This campaign shows how a few changes to your diet can help your body and a stepping stone into learning more on responsible living

Deliverables : 
Stickers to be placed on packaging to show the health benefits and bring awareness to heart friendly foods 
+ Posters and Electronic advertisements
Logos - Primary logo = box + Think inside text, but can be used apart for secondary logos & individual food boxes for tertiary logos 
Stickers - To be placed on said food packaging or produce itself & used for advertising in the form of hand outs / press packets 
Posters -
Electronic advertisment - 
Future development - possible change to the 'Think Inside' text to be more attractive and connected to the brand identity